Chop Your Streams In Record Time

Grab csv files from your Twitch Stream Markers to use with LosslessCut, a phenomenal open source video cutting tool.

...why does this exist?

I wanted a better way to manage the markers from my streams. I use them as reference points to grab chunks of video for my editors. This app lets you see all the markers trivially as well as exporting them to a CSV file.

My workflow:

  • Stream on Twitch, record vod + footage on camera
  • During stream, create new markers using `/marker (name of marker)` command
  • End of stream, download CSVs from MarkerThing
    • I make a second offset CSV for my camera footage, since I start recording it after I start the stream
  • Open LosslessCut, drag VOD in, drag CSV in, "export"
  • ^ again, with camera recordings + offset CSV

This workflow takes me ~3 minutes, and it enables my team to quickly grab 5+ videos worth of content after every stream.

Let me know if this is useful! - Theo

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